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Wordworks believes that education is the key to transforming the life chances of children in South Africa, and that to succeed at school, all children must have the right foundations in place to read and write. Wordworks work alongside parents, Grade R teachers, volunteers and home visitors to strengthen early language and literacy skills. By providing training and resources, Wordworks build skills and knowledge in historically disadvantaged communities, and thereby help more children to reach their fullest potential.
Through a grant from the Claude Leon Foundation in 2012 and 2013, Wordworks were able to strengthen the training and resources for their volunteer-based Early Literacy Programme. This has enabled Wordworks to partner with other organisations to deliver the programme more widely, and thereby give more children a better chance of learning to read and write successfully. In order to extend the reach of the Early Literacy Programme, Wordworks adapted selected resources from the programme to produce a Teacher Kit as well as open source resources that are available on their website.
The Claude Leon Foundation is also supporting the development of resources and a training package for Home-Visitors. These resources will focus on providing parents with the knowledge and skills to support early language and literacy in the home. 


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