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The formation of Corruption Watch (CW) on the 26th January 2012 took place against a backdrop of growing public concern at the increasing incidence of ‘grand’ and ‘petty’ corruption in South Africa.
CW’s principal mission is to encourage and enable public participation in combatting corruption. In particular it encourages members of the public to report experiences of corruption on a variety of platforms including their website, a dedicated short code SMS number and a telephone hot line. The information gathered is analysed in order to identify patterns and hot spots of corruption. These are reported back to the public on their communications platforms and through the commercial and community media and are referred to the relevant authorities. Their team of writers draws on these reports and analyses for the publication of stories on their active website which are re-published by the mainstream media.
Selected reports are referred for further investigation to their legal and investigation team. The outcomes of their investigatory works are extensively publicised and are also referred to the law enforcement authorities, the Public Protector and relevant government institutions. The legal team also engages in litigation and advocacy.
The Claude Leon Foundation is proud to be one of the ‘founding’ supporters of Corruption Watch. It has committed significant funding to support the establishment and work of Corruption Watch in the period 2011-2014.


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