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Dikeletsong Citizens’ Advice Bureau (DCAB) was established in 1967 by the Anglican, Presbyterian and Catholic Churches in Pretoria with the mission of providing information, advice, and services, free of charge, to all.
With a dedicated staff of volunteers and student workers, DCAB assisted 4994 clients in the 2013/14 financial year on a range of labour, financial, and personal issues. For those cases that need specialised attention, DCAB has strong relationships with an ever-growing network of non-profit organisations, legal aid clinics, pro bono legal advisors and public institutions.
Apart from assisting our clients, DCAB strives to cultivate the skills of its student workers and provide them with experiential training that will enhance their employability upon graduation.
The Claude Leon Foundation will be supporting DCAB’s work over the next three years as the organisation continues to engage, educate, and empower its clients to challenge injustice and realise their rights.  


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