The Claude Leon Foundation


The Institute for Economic Justice (IEJ) is an activist think tank located in Johannesburg, South Africa. Their mission is to advance economic justice by collaborating in the provision of rigorous, accessible research and policy alternatives that empower progressive social forces to create systemic change from above and below in South Africa and on the African continent. The IEJ envisages a just society where an equitable distribution of resources, the democratisation of economic decision making, and systemic change are secured and entrenched for the realisation of rights and planetary wellbeing.

As set out in the IEJ’s Strategy 2023 - 2027, the IEJ has three overarching goals:


To produce knowledge that critically engages with the impacts of existing economic systems and advances systemic change that centres just socioeconomic outcomes and wellbeing.
To shift the economic discourse, open policy space, and provide alternative policy proposals in strategic areas towards just socioeconomic outcomes.
To support the building of collective power through strengthening heterodox economic analysis and the capacity to undertake it, and empowering progressive social forces to create systemic change from above and below, in South Africa and the continent.  


The Claude Leon Foundation supports work towards building a rights-based economy. This includes, but is not limited to, work on basic income and resourcing modalities to ensure rights realisation.


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