The Claude Leon Foundation


The Foundation supports projects in five distinct ‘thematic’ areas:


1. Building research capacity in higher education: A major component of this focus area comprises the Postdoctoral Fellowships awarded each year. In 2013, 98 Fellowships were supported.
2. Supporting innovation in schooling: The Foundation seeks innovative school projects that are capable of making an impact and going to scale through replication of their model by others or through co-investment from the state. The state, where possible, should be encouraged to support the project and take ultimate ownership of the model in the medium- to long-term.
3. ECD – building the foundation: Early Childhood Development (ECD) is without doubt the most neglected sector in the entire education system. Formal state coverage of the 1- 6 age group is very low, and so the new focus of innovative ECD NGOs is to focus on non-centre based provision, primarily through supporting parents (mothers) and the family (older siblings) to provide a conducive environment for ECD to succeed.
4. In defence of democracy: this entails the fight against corruption, threats to the constitution, restrictions on press freedom, and political intolerance of open debate on contentious issues. It also includes attempts to enable ordinary people to access and achieve their basic socio-economic rights as defined by the South African Constitution.
5. Building opportunities for post-school youth: the issue of accessing the first job is the most central challenge facing unemployed post-school youth. Failure to access the first job has the power to condemn young people into permanent unemployment.  

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