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Ndifuna Ukwazi (NU) is a recently established not-for-profit Trust based in South Africa. NU aims to build and support social justice organisations and leaders. Its first objective is to build a cadre of young leaders through systematic and sustained mentorship, in the form of the Fellowship Programme. The goal of the Fellowship Programme is to turn Fellows into more experienced and multi-skilled leaders and activists through skills development, education, and supervised work on projects, thereby building intellectual and activist capital.

A second objective is to provide legal and strategic research support to various social justice organisations. In pursuit of strategic public interest litigation, we will provide organisations with appropriate research and support to ensure that the rights in our Constitution, as well as international laws, are upheld.

Ndifuna Ukwazi will also promote awareness of, and engagement in, social justice issues by hosting lectures, public talks, and seminars, including a Global Engagement Colloquium series, around relevant social justice issues.

The Claude Leon Foundation has provided a small grant to support this dynamic leadership programme.


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