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The Centre for Child Law is a registered law clinic, based in the Law Faculty at the University of Pretoria. The Centre uses strategic impact litigation to promote and advance the rights of children in South Africa. The Centre has had a number of successes in the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court of Appeal and the High Courts. The judgments obtained have set precedents that have brought about changes in the law, government activities and broader society.


One stream of the Centre’s work is the promotion of the right to education of all children in South Africa. During 2013 the Centre has been involved in cases in which:

the right of pregnant learners to go to school was recently confirmed and protected by the Constitutional Court;
the Grahamstown High Court ordered that the Department of Education provide impoverished schools in the Eastern Cape with school furniture; and
the right of separated children with asylum claims to access education was up held, after 8 children from DRC were refused access to school and the Centre obtained a High Court order that permitted them access.

The Centre has also been involved with high profile cases pertaining to care and protection of children, children’s right to social services, criminal justice and sexual offences. One of the Centre’s cases recently resulted in the Constitutional Court decriminalising consensual sexual interaction between 12-16 year olds.

The Centre also advances the rights of children through education, research and advocacy. The Centre, together with other organisations, is advocating for measures to alleviate pressure on an overburdened foster care system. . Similar work is being done on the registration of child and youth care centres.

The Claude Leon Foundation has provided financial support to the Centre for Child Law since 2011.


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