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“Axium Education grows talent and opportunity in rural communities by working with students and educators to raise student achievement.”
Axium Education aims to see dramatic improvements in the quality of rural schooling through its partnerships with teachers, principals and school communities. Based in the rural village of Zithulele in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa, the organization uses science, mathematics and language teaching as key levers for success. Its objectives are two-fold:
1) to grow passionate, knowledgeable rural educators in the critical areas of language, maths and science; and,
2) to grow a new generation of quality rural professionals by providing opportunities for talented rural students to succeed.
In 2014 the Claude Leon Foundation will support the growth of the Ekukhuleni Centre, where 90 high-potential students from six senior secondary schools receive additional tuition in maths, science, leadership and English on Saturdays and during school holidays.  


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