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GroundUp is the only national publication in South Africa dedicated to covering human rights news.

South Africa's Constitution gives people the rights to housing, education, health, safety, clean water, food and dignity. GroundUp'sarticles show what these rights mean for people in their daily lives.

GroundUp aims to amplify the voices of vulnerable communities, with an emphasis on reporting on the work of activist organisations. Published under a Creative Commons licence, their content is offered free of charge to the mainstream media in order to increase the reach of these important stories. More than half of GroundUp's articles are republished in the country's largest media. GroundUp works with reporters, primarily from working-class backgrounds,to report on issues within their communities, and pairs them with experienced editors. GroundUp is training the next generation of South African journalists.

The organisation also maintains a social grants and government housing guide, as well as a questions and answers column and free image gallery.

GroundUp's Editor Nathan Geffen and Journalist Raymond Joseph won the 2021 Nat NakasaAward for Courageous Community Journalism for revealing that hundreds of millions of Rands have been diverted from charitable projects to those connected to the board and top-management of the state-owned National Lotteries Commission (NLC). GroundUp continues to report on NLC corruption, maladministration and nepotism even when faced with sustained legal attacks from those connected to the NLC.

The Claude Leon Foundation has supported GroundUp's Lottery reporting and legal defence as well provided general operating support since 2012.


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