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Activating Youth 2.0 speaks to a new approach of positive social and environmental youth activism.


Values are the foundation of a sense of purpose and determination; the GRIT required for success in learning and in work. An understanding of values is deeply ingrained through experiential learning and through using values to address challenges in the context of their own tough personal realities.
Columba Leadership use a meticulous community preparation and engagement process followed by a six day residential academy and then 2 years of practical experience in leadership. Their Graduates work in small groups with adult support and use social networks with a viral like multiplier effect to achieve systemic change in their schools and communities.
In one example matric results in rural Manyangana High improved in one year from 32% to 91% in 2012 with 45 distinctions, including 5 in Maths.
To date more than 1245 leaders (20% educators) from over 56 disadvantaged schools in 7 provinces have graduated from the academy.
They plan to create a movement for responsible leadership by reaching 5% of secondary schools within 10 years to institutionalize a national culture of responsible leadership.

The Foundation has provided a grant since 2013.


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