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Equal Education (EE) began its operations in February 2008. The organisation describes itself as a movement of learners, parents, teachers and community members working for quality and equality in South African education, through analysis and activism. The goal of the organisation is quite simply to ensure that every young person in South Africa receives a quality education. The most important participating group to date comprises high-school students, known as Equalisers, mainly – but not exclusively – drawn from poor and working class homes, and attending severely under-resourced schools. Organised into Youth Groups by grade and geographic area the Equalisers have been responsible for much of the activism, messaging and campaign work that has built EE’s reputation. The weekly Youth Group meetings have provided the intensive intellectual and practical training required. In addition to the Equalisers, teachers, parents and community members have played an important role.

EE’s first campaign was titled “Fix our Schools”. It began with EE responding to the problem of 500 broken windows at Luhlaza High School in Khayalitsha. All Equalisers, from all schools, were active in this campaign. The next major campaign was the ‘No to Late Coming!’ campaign. The most recent and pervasive campaign has been EE’s campaign for school libraries.

The Claude Leon Foundation agreed to make a significant contribution to the core operating costs of running Equal Education in the period 2011-2013.


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