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Phuhlisani established in 2004, is a non-profit company, registered as a Public Benefit Organisation. The organisation has a specialist focus on land and agrarian reform and related development initiatives in South Africa. They seek to promote social justice, equitable access to land, tenure security for all and improved livelihoods and wellbeing. 


They are active at different levels:

They provide integrated planning and implementation support to communities on land acquired through the land reform programme.
They develop and pilot land governance and administration systems to record off-register rights and contribute to the development of an integrated property rights system.
They conduct research and facilitate social dialogue and collaborative learning processes to share knowledge and improve their collective understanding of how to do land and agrarian reform better.
They support social platforms and organised formations to advocate and lobby for pro-poor policy and law to advance equitable access to land, secure land rights across a variety of land reform settings, andto increase livelihoods and enterprise development.


Phuhlisani is part of wider networks of organisations active in the rural and urban land sectors. This provides rich resources and experience to add value to their programme, to refocus the national debate on land and agrarian reform and shape a detailed pro-poor agenda for change.


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