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SECTION27 is a well-established and widely respected public interest law centre that seeks to achieve substantive equality and social justice in South Africa. Guided by the principles and values in the Constitution, SECTION27 uses law, advocacy, rights literacy, research and community mobilisation to ensure access to healthcare services and basic education.

SECTION27 aims to achieve systemic change and accountability to ensure the dignity and equality of everyone. Across our areas of work we are concerned with the duties of both public and private power.

Our mission is to expand access to justice for marginalised and vulnerable citizens in the interests of equality and to ensure they are empowered to realise their constitutional rights.

SECTION27 was established in 2010, when it incorporated the AIDS Law Project, which for over 15 years had been at the forefront of the civil society response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in South Africa.

The Claude Leon Foundation currently supports SECTION27’s education rights work, specifically its Access to Education for Learners with Disabilities focus area. From 2018-2020 the Foundation supported SECTION27’s work on safe sanitation at schools in Limpopo.


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