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The Equal Education Law Centre was launched in January 2012 in Cape Town. It is a public-interest law centre specialising in education law and policy in South Africa. Equal Education has become aware of a serious lack of concentrated and specialised expertise in education law and policy in South Africa. The organization has been regularly approached by schools, community leaders and parents from around the country for legal assistance and representation, but they lack the capacity and legal expertise to meet this need.

While established public-interest law firms have made important strides in protecting the constitutional right to education in South Africa, they are unable to give education the dedicated legal attention that is required to meet the needs of communities, and to advance the right to education through strategic litigation and engagement with government. The Equal Education Law Centre fulfill these crucial functions.

The Equal Education Law Centre operates as an independent legal entity, under the management and oversight of its own Board of Trustees, separate and distinct from the Equal Education Board.

The Claude Leon Foundation is proud of its association with the Equal Education Law Centre. 


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