The Claude Leon Foundation


The Butterfly Art Project is a non-profit organisation founded in 2010 and based in South Africa. One of its two programmes is the Art Center in Vrygrond where the rehabilitation, inspiration and healing of children and youth from the Vrygrond community using art, craft and extracurricular activities is taking place. About 1000 beneficiaries attend the three projects for different age groups weekly.


The second is the Community Art Partners Programme offering training to adults for the running of healing art classes in many more vulnerable communities facing high rates of poverty, inequality and social ills such as substance abuse and crime.


These problems affect the growth and social development of the societies as a whole by restricting access to opportunities and self realisation of their potential. The Claude-Leon-Foundation supports Community Art Facilitators training, the development of more training modules, mentorship for our trainees and networking for creative organisations, creative individuals, educational institutions and other NGO's.


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