The Claude Leon Foundation


After considerable discussion and deliberation, the Claude Leon Foundation Board have reluctantly decided, due to budgetary constraints, that the Foundation’s Postdoctoral programme will be discontinued. There will be no intake of new Postdocs in 2020 nor in subsequent years. The Foundation will honour all commitments to its existing cohort of Postdocs.


The Claude Leon Foundation Postdoctoral programme in the Sciences has been in existence for over 22 years. During that period the Foundation has made grants totalling in excess of 200 Million Rands and the administration cost has been less than 3% of that total. The Foundation has supported close on 600 Postdocs during this period.


Bill Frankel, Chairman of the Foundation commented “The Postdocs were selected from PhD students from South Africa and worldwide and over the past few years, 30 to 40 Postdocs were selected each year from 400 to 500 applicants. The Postdocs have made a major contribution to the research outputs of SA universities and have assisted with the supervision of Honours, MSc and PhD students. The excellence of the Postdocs was confirmed by the outstanding progress and final research reports of both the Postdocs and their supervisors.”


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