The Claude Leon Foundation


My Vote Counts (MVC) is an open, non-partisan community of citizens dedicated to advancing the constitutional principles of transparency, inclusiveness and accountability in South Africa. MVC was launched at an initial meeting in Cape Town in July 2012.
The main purpose of MVC is to improve the accountability, transparency and inclusiveness of elections and politics in South Africa generally, which focuses specifically on:

• Campaigning to reform the political party funding system in the Republic, through the introduction of legislation and other regulatory measures; and
• Campaigning to reform South Africa’s electoral system.

The Claude Leon Foundation is funding awareness campaigns and grassroots activism ahead of the 2016 local government election to lay bare the corrosive impact of money on the political process.
In doing so, MVC hopes to continue building a broad coalition around the issue of party funding and corrupt activity and so leading a reform initiative which will lead to transparency on the issue of money and politics. 


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