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The Black Sash is a 58 year old veteran human rights organisation whose current programmes draw on a rich institutional heritage of advocating for social justice in South Africa.

Their vision is to make human rights real. This is done with all their work being conducted so as to uphold and promote the values of the organisation, namely justice, integrity, dignity, non-violence, rigour, the affirmation of women, independence and courage and the need for active civil society.

They believe that through individual and collective non-violent action, active citizens have the power to change their own situation and impact on the society as a whole. Their aim therefore, is to enable the strengthening of a vibrant civil society, particularly at a local level, which observes, organises and acts, without political constraints, with emphasis on the needs and experience of women and girls to:
•  Recognise and exercise their human rights, particularly their social and economic rights
•  Create a society that has effective laws and delivery systems, including comprehensive social protection for the most vulnerable
They are currently working in three areas in the social protection arena, with an emphasis on women and children: rights-based information, education and training; community monitoring; and advocacy in partnership.
For individual enquiries and cases, there is a Black Sash National HELPLINE (072-66 33 739 or where a free national information, paralegal advice and referral service is rendered. The public can communicate with a Black Sash paralegal on any questions they have related to their rights.
The Claude Leon Foundation supports their Helpline.


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